eXp Explained

See why nearly 1,000 agents per week choose to move their businesses to eXp Realty.

The Model Explained

The Model Explained is an indepth overview of the EXP Realty Model shared by Impact Buiness Partner Brent Gove. In this video Brent disscusses the key pillars of the exp model and how it is helping thousands of EXP Agents transform their businesses to new levels and plan for the future.

Impact Your Business with Top Technology Platforms

EXP Realty offers the top technology platforms that the real estate industry offers. I combination of proprietary and top third party platforms allow eXp agent to bring their businesses to new levels that have never experianced before

High Level Training & Support

As a real estate agent is is very important to have access to top teir training that is ahead of the curve and taught by top producing agents, top trainers and national coaches. Exp offers over 80 hours of LIVE training on a weekly basis inside of EXP World. Theri is also an archived training library for your convenience. Need support? EXP has you covered with a live staff of over 500 that are at your service.

eXp Realty Marketing Center

The EXP Marketing Center offers over 5,000 marketing pieces for you to choose from and edit to make your own. In addition all Agents are given an automated marketing package sent via email everytime you enter a new listing into your MLS.

Realty Office Space Through Regus

Some agents like the office environment. This is why eXp has a partnership with Regus business suites. These modern business environments can be found in over 120 locations around the globe. All eXp agetns have free access to Regus facilities and are offered discounts when renting space.

Become a Shareholder in eXp World Holdings

Discover five differnt ways you can aquire stock in EXP World Holdings. As an agent we all know it is important to plan for our futures. EXP agents aquire stock shares by reaching milestones and also have the opportunity to purchase stock shares at a discount during each and every transaction.

The Power of Revenue Sharing

The EXP Realty Model allows agents to build a powerful revenue sharing group through Agent Attraction. Once agents from other companies see the incredible value of both Impact Group and EXP Realty they often feel that they is no better place to move their business. The result simply reflect this. Learn more in the attached video.

ExpressOffers: A Revolutionary Home Buying Option

ExpressOffers® is eXp Realty’s online marketplace that can get your clients multiple competitive offers quickly without the hassle of fixing up, staging or showings. EXP has partnered with 100’s of Instatutional Buyers / Investors throughout the United States to offer a wide array of potential buyer options for your clients.

The eXp Realty Compensation Plan

  • 80/20% Split until you reach the Cap of $16,000 (80k Gross Commission Income) then it goes to 100%
  • After you have capped you’ll pay a fee of $250.00 for each transaction.
  • Transaction fee drops to $75 once you’ve reached 20 post cap transactions (see ICON agent – ask for more details)
  • Every Transaction you pay $40 in E&O insurance until you’ve completed 12.5 Transactions (Cap is $500 in most of USA)
  • Every Transaction you pay $25 for Broker review fee (No limit but well worth it)
  • 3 Free Personal Transactions with only $250 Fee + BIC and E&O
  • Please see the STOCK OWNERSHIP when considering the comp plan.